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Rainy day in Manchester

Getting started

Hi... and welcome to a rainy day in Manchester. 


Since stumbling across this group, I've been so busy, doing nothing, but not had a moment to spare... all best intentions to get the shop up and running have fizzled, as they often do.  Now its time to dig deep, pull up the ole preverbial britches and get my @?!$ into gear!


Winter is truly knocking on the door and it wont be long now before she arrives in all her icey glory.  Personally, I can't wait!  I'm definitely a "winter" person, although I'm not sure the pets are as excited.  Jasper the new addition to the pack is driving everyone mad!  He's so energetic and curious about life he doesn't give Noah a moments peace :) Alfie for the best part takes it all in his stride, far too old for any such nonsense especially off a cat. Being cooped up inside is definitely going to be a challenge.


So the plan for this week is simple... keep the pets in line and get some lovely, affordable stock into the shop.  


Wish me luck :)








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