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Frequently Asked Questions at The Crafters' Barn

Where are my Orders Stored?

As the Crafters’ Barn is a portal to allow people to sell their hand crafted and hand made goods, the order details between the seller and buyers are between them. This is because the sale constitutes an agreement between the seller and the buyer, and not The Crafters’ Barn. Orders are not saved on the Crafters’ Barn site, but are instead sent directly to the seller via their PayPal account.

Once an item, or multiple items, are paid for the details are sent directly to the seller. We encourage our sellers to check their orders on a daily basis to ensure they create, ship and confirm delivery with each buyer as soon as possible. Each seller is responsible for recording their own orders in whatever manner they see fit.

I’ve paid for my Item but it Hasn’t Been Delivered Yet

Each seller must detail how long it will take for an item to be delivered once an order has been placed. If a buyer hasn’t received an item during this time they should contact the seller directly to find out why. You can find our sellers details in the ‘Sellers Directory’ section, or via your PayPal receipt that was emailed to you to confirm your order.

All of our orders are processed by PayPal, meaning you are protected by PayPal’s own terms and regulations. If you cannot get the issue resolved with the seller please follow PayPal’s refund policy to have your money refunded to you. At the time of writing (January 2016) you can open a PayPal case within 180 days of payment.

The Crafters’ Barn prides itself on having a good foundation of reliable sellers. If you have any issues with our sellers please Contact Us to let us know what issues you have. We’ll try our best to help.

I’m A Seller, I’ve Renewed My Membership but my Account Hasn’t Updated

Not a problem. This normally happens when a seller pays for their membership and doesn’t give time for PayPal to redirect them back to The Crafters’ Barn so that their account can be updated.

Please get in contact with us via our Contact page, explain what happened and we’ll get your membership updated for you. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response. If we find that the issue was a technical fault on our behalf we have a policy of doubling the membership that you have paid for as an apology for the issue.

I want to become a Seller on the Crafters’ Barn. How do I Sign Up?

We’d love to see you sell your items at the Barn. Select the ‘Login / Register’ link on the navigation bar and register to sell with us. Please be advised you must be a UK citizen who is eligible to work and have a PayPal account set up. New sellers are giving 48 hours free to try out the website.

I’m having a Technical Issue with the Website or Want to Speak to Someone. Who do I tell?

Tell us of course! Click the ‘Contact’ link to send us a message and we’ll help anyway we can.

Who is The Legend of Skippy?

The Crafters’ Barn is operated by the business ‘The Legend of Skippy’. This is run by Kris Middleton, a website developer, software programmer and IT support technician based in Hartlepool, United Kingdom. When you make a payment to The Crafters’ Barn (usually when a seller renews their membership) you will see that it is either referred to as ‘The Legend of Skippy’ or ‘Skippy’. Kris originally developed The Crafters’ Barn in 2012 and, following a lifestyle change for the original owner of the site, took over operating The Crafters’ Barn on their behalf in November 2015.

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