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A Brief Introduction

Welcome to the Crafters' Barn

Are you looking to sell your crafts and handmade gifts online? The apostrophe up there in Crafters' Barn is without apology and deliberate. The Crafters' Barn belongs to you, the sellers. We do not want to steal a percentage of your profit for providing a site, we know how hard you work, and you deserve to keep all your hard earned profits. Furthermore, we want all our crafters to feel part of a growing community.The crafters' barn was started in October 2011 by Noo's Knits as a way of offering a retail site for craft sellers at a minimum price. The idea being to build a community, not take your profits! We have found a great web-developer who has helped us build a multi-vendor website, which was opened on June 11 2012 to anyone who wants to sell hand-crafted items.

Our fee structure is simple and we are happy to disclose it in public (no fumbling round in sub-menus here) We charge £2.30 per month (which comes out at £2 to us after paypal fees) for unlimited listings. There are no further charges other than those taken by Paypal on your sales. . We also are happy for our buyers to know our fee structure so that they know that you are charging a good price for your hours of work, and that the price they pay goes entirely to you. As far as we know we are one of the only commission free uk craft selling websites available. There is no obligation to list every month and no minimum contract or anything like that. Just £2.30 for every month that you do decide to list.

I hope that in building a community site with low level fees I will be supporting crafters in the very best way, and that we will gain a lot more exposure and have better marketing ability to the benefit of all of us. We also have a facebook page which I use about once a week to publicise new listings, or new sellers. I am really passionate about providing the very best opportunity for crafters. The new website will have individual urls (thecraftersbarn.co.uk/noosknits for example) and will have facebook and twitter integration. You can upload your own logo, which will sit superimposed on our banner for your shop, so enable you to begin to market your own identity. In fact you will have every opportunity to make yourself a brand and use the Barn as a springboard to your own site at some time in the future when your sales are high enough, should you wish.

Should you be interested in joining us, please register by selecting the 'Register' option on our naviagtion menu. All registrations are automatic so you'll be up and selling in no time.

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